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At Engineers for Equity (E4E), we acknowledge the complexity of cultural shifts. We understand the many layers that are equally crucial in creating an equitable and inclusive engineering workforce. Therefore, we embrace the entire ecosystem, which includes individuals from early childhood to professional adults. Through our consulting services, speaking engagements and resources we are able to expose, inform, and/or train all members of the ecosystem.

We accomplish our mission by:

exposing K12 students (their teachers, parents and communities) to engineering and engineering careers

sharing strategies to recruit and retain diverse populations in engineering degree programs and the engineering workforce

training individuals on how to create inclusive educational and work-settings

training faculty (supervisors/managers) to effectively manage, lead and mentor students (and professionals) from diverse backgrounds

presenting the latest research on topics including: optimum strategies to engage early learners, their parents and communities; social issues impacting equity and inclusion success; preparing globally competitive engineers and leaders, any many more....