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We are delighted to share our knowledge and passion. One of the ways we do this is by speaking to groups, large or small, about the latest research pertaining to the recruitment and retention of ALL populations in engineering. We share stories of success, as well as, stories of failure. We believe that having an open dialogue about the issues impacting the lack of persistence of too many Americans in engineering is important and necessary.

E4E would love to send one of our dynamic speakers to your professional conference, organizational meeting, company celebration, faculty training or any event with a captive audience that is interested in learning and understanding more about equity and inclusion in STEM.

Our primary goals are to inspire change and to motivate individuals to apply the knowledge they gain in ways that have impact locally. We believe national change begins at the local level.

Are you ready to schedule one of our dynamic speakers at your next event?

Please call us at 202-292-4276.